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At Wild Rye Financial, we will be there through all the phases of retirement – the go-go years, the slow go years, and the no go years. And we will be there to help you navigate the inevitable changes of life.

Often times, many of our clients’ experience change in the early years of retirement – their dentists, doctors, accountants, etc. are all retiring. And then becomes the dilemma of finding not only someone that is competent & trustworthy but someone that will also be around through your retirement. Fortunately, for the majority of our clients, they will never have to worry about their financial advisor retiring during their lifetime. What makes working with Cody Kirk & Wild Rye Financial unique, is that very few advisors started in the financial industry while they were in their early 20s. And even fewer have the experience of seeing their clients’ financial plans come to fruition. We are fortunate to have the real world experience navigating the challenges of retirement, estate planning, changing markets, etc.

​We assist our clients in navigating the financial world through our A3 Process – Assess, Assemble, Adapt. Through Cody’s professional and athletic career, he has seen a lot of changes and adversity. He firmly believes that it is one’s ability to adapt to change that gives them success. That is the same approach he applies to not only his life but financial planning. Because we are all humans and life is constantly changing. In Personal Finance, there are so many things that are often out of our control such as market volatility, geopolitics, health and longevity, and so on. At Wild Rye Financial, we focus on what we can control such as savings & distribution rates, asset allocation, tax efficiency, etc.

Who we help

We primarily serve Retirees or those nearing Retirement.  There is no crazy reason other than when our founder, Cody Kirk, started in the financial business, his job was helping other advisors use and implement retirement planning technology. Through this experience, Cody was able to work with dozens of advisors, helping them design retirement plans for their clients. By working with so many different advisors, Cody quickly learned that there are many paths to reach the financial mountain top. Every client and every advisor is unique.

This focus on retirement planning turned into a passion as Cody recognized that the better he became at retirement planning and strategizing for unique scenarios such as Social Security strategies, Roth Conversions, Estate Planning, Legacy Planning, etc. the better he would be able to serve the advisors and clients. Eventually, Cody transitioned this skill set into his own practice and was very fortunate to have several outstanding mentors. Naturally, he gravitated to working with retirees. As a result, Retirement and Legacy planning are our specialty here at Wild Rye Financial.

Wild Rye Financial is a Registered Investment Advisory firm based out of Bigfork, MT offering Investment Management and Financial Planning Services tailored to the unique needs of affluent individual and families. Our commitment to successful wealth management is built on a culture of helping clients build, manage, and preserve their wealth.

As Fiduciaries, working on a fee-only basis, we provide advice that is in the best interest of our clients, all the time, no exceptions. We use Charles Schwab to watch over and safeguard our client’s assets.

Why Cody Started Wild Rye Financial

I have worked for a larger financial institution and I have worked for a smaller financial institution. Regardless of the firm size, I always ran into the same roadblocks, a firms inability to adjust and adapt to client needs. Yes, being an independent RIA has its tradeoffs. But ultimately, the flexibility of being a small, independently owned company allows us to provide our clients with outstanding service. If we can implement a technology to better serve our clients, we will. If there is a tweak that needs to be made based upon client preferences, we make it. At the end of the day, being an independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm means we only serve one master, that is our clients. And that is why Wild Rye Financial exists…to serve our clients!  - Cody Kirk

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